Release Restore Realign
Helping people live a quality healthy lifestyle through better habits

PASSION We care for our clients and we listen.

SWTC is the center for your Therapeutic Health and Wellness journey. We aim to help people feel good, improve and enhance their physical, mental/emotional, spiritual well-being, restore and revitalize their body and mind through therapeutic health therapies, energy bodywork, accountability with insightful life coaching, meditation, yoga, pilates and other wellness practices.

We provide a safe, warm and loving center for people to feel relax and calm, to release and heal from their pain, (even for those with chronic conditions), and help them become aware of and make choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.

Our specialties & services:

Body & Mind Wellness – Spiritual Healing Wellness Massage, Intuitive Insight Reading, Life Coaching, Meditation, Yoga

Therapeutic Health – Reiki Massage, Aromatherapy

Lifestyle Makeover – Fashion Styling, Personal Shopping, In-home consultant, Shopping with Jacqueline


To book your appointment, text/call  757 395 0400 or

Our Intuitive Style is UNIQUE and GENUINE.

We are CREATIVE and ORIGINAL. Each session is personalized based on client’s individual needs.

Understanding your body and mind connections help you to become mindful of your well-being. It is an investment to your good health.

Energy healing raises your energies, your vibrations so you feel peaceful and have clarity of your mind.