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Shambhala Wellth and Tranquility Center

Pain Relief Therapeutic Wellness

Renew your body   Master your mind

Design your abundant life!

We offer Modern Cupping Therapy, Pain Relief Therapeutic Massage,

Reiki Massage, Aromatherapeutic Massage, Baby Massage,

Energy healing, Meditation class, Wellness, Fashion and Beauty workshops

We are PASSIONATE about helping people to gain awareness of their body-mind connections and help them transform their lives inside out.

Shambhala Wellth and Tranquility Center is here to help people gain conscious awareness of the body-mind connection, transform their lives to feel peace in their hearts, have peace of mind, and even enjoy a peaceful sleep so that they can manifest what their hearts’ desire and live an abundant fulfilled life!

We provide a safe, loving and peaceful environment for people to release their pain, even for those with chronic conditions. and improve their well-being, increase their energy performances and potentials with Insights Reiki Massage & Bodywork, Insights Coaching, Reiki and AromaTherapeutic Massage.

We have experience in helping people to unlock the pain & tension in their body, and most importantly we help them understand the root cause of their pain, where it comes from and how to prevent it from repeating or holding it in, so that they can release it and have freedom, physically and emotionally.

Uniquely at Shambhala Wellth and Tranquility Center, we offer INSIGHTS Fashion Style Consultation to complete your BODY-MIND Transformation Inside Out.

We help you understand the connections of your clothing choices to your body and mind, fine-tune your personal style, bring them into alignment so that you can have a successful unique physical manifestation experience.

Our Style is AUTHENTIC and GENUINE, and we want to make learning easy to understand and FUN!

We are CREATIVE about helping people to understand, unlock and release their physical pain, repressed pain, self-limiting beliefs and negative emotions locked inside their body system through Insights Reiki Massage, Bodywork and Insights Coaching.

Understanding your body and mind connections help you to become mindful of your well-being. It is an investment to your good health.

Energy healing raises your energies, your vibrations so you feel peaceful and have clarity of your mind.