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Helping people live an authentic quality life!

PASSION We care for our clients and we listen to your body.

Welcome to Shambhala Wellth and Tranquility Center (SWTC)!  

SWTC is a holistic healing wellness center that empowers you to connect and align with your body, mind and soul.

We help you release stress and pain, feel refresh and rejuvenate so you can live life to your highest and fullest!

We specialise in:

– myofascial release therapy

– neuromuscular therapy

– myoskeletal alignment techniques

– Swedish & deep tissue massage therapy

– modern cupping therapy

– myofascial release technique

– Reiki energy healing

We also provide additional services for personal growth to gain more clarity and peace of mind:

–  intuitive readings and coaching

–  regression hypnotherapy

We invite you to book a one-of-a-kind healing experience for your extraordinary growth journey.

Our Intuitive Style is UNIQUE and GENUINE.

We are CREATIVE and ORIGINAL. Each session is personalized based on client’s individual needs.

Understanding your body and mind connections help you to become mindful of your well-being. It is an investment to your good health.

Energy healing raises your energies, your vibrations so you feel peaceful and have clarity of your mind.