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Shambhala Wellth and Tranquility Center

A place for your Wellness & Health

Healthy living through better habits

PASSION We care for our clients. We listen and hold space for them with love and warmth.

SWTC is the oasis for your Therapeutic Healing and Wellness journey. We aim to help individuals to improve their physical, mental/emotional well-being and realize their full potential through various therapeutic massage modalities, energy bodyworks, accountability with insightful coaching and mentoring, meditation, yoga and other wellness practices.

We provide a safe, loving and peaceful space for individuals to feel relax and release their pain, even for those with chronic conditions.

We have experience in helping people to unlock the pain & tension in their body, and most importantly we help them understand the root cause of their pain, where it comes from and how to prevent it from repeating or holding it in, so that they can release it and have freedom, physically and emotionally.

Uniquely at Shambhala Wellth and Tranquility Center, we offer INSIGHTS Fashion Style Consultation to complete your BODY-MIND Transformation Inside Out.

We help you understand the connections of your clothing choices to your body and mind, fine-tune your personal style, bring them into alignment so that you can have a successful unique physical manifestation experience.

Our Intuitive Style is UNIQUE and GENUINE.

We are CREATIVE and ORIGINAL. Each session is personalized based on client’s individual needs.

Understanding your body and mind connections help you to become mindful of your well-being. It is an investment to your good health.

Energy healing raises your energies, your vibrations so you feel peaceful and have clarity of your mind.