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Shambhala Therapeutic Massage and Wellness

Aromatherapeutic Massage, Insights Massage, Energy Work, Meditation

Personal Transformation through your body, mind and style

ReNEW your BODY and MIND
for a Healthy, Happy Abundant Life

We are PASSIONATE about how we can help you feel better about your body, your health; have greater awareness of your body/mind connections, and have freedom of life!

At Shambhala Therapeutic Massage and Wellness, we provide a safe, loving, caring space for you to find inner peacefulness, calmness, happiness, balance and harmony for your body, mind and spirit by relieving the cumulative effects of tension, stress and pain and releasing negative energies by dissolving the underlying blockages and barriers stored within the body and it’s energy system through Aromatherapy, Massage, Healing Reiki and Energy therapy.

We are CREATIVE about helping you to understand the underlying issues of your pain body and how we can work towards releasing what you have been holding inside.

Our STYLE is authentic and genuine, and we want to quickly and directly release what no longer serves you, so that you can enjoy freedom of life and much more!

Massage is MORE than a luxury. It is an Investment in your good health.

Energy healing is about RESTORING your energy flow to the optimum balance on all levels.