AromaTherapeutic Massage

30mins $50

60mins $85

90mins $125

2hr $165

Need more time, 30mins increment $40

We used Therapeutic grade Pure Essentials oils during the massage to further enhance relaxation and healing.


75mins $125

1hr 45 mins $165

2hr $205

2hr 30mins $245


15mins  $40 / 60mins $80

Inner Beauty & Guasa massage

2 hr  $222 ( Best Results, 6 sessions, every 4 -6 weeks )

Aura Detox Therapy

1 hr  $125 

Varman massage

1 hr  $125

Access Bar

45mins  $100

Jothi Blessings 

20mins $50



Enlightening Reiki Energy Healing

REIKI ENERGY healing to raise your energy levels/vibrations, rid of negative energies, feel peaceful and gain clarity. Within the session, we have a consultation and then followed by table time of energy healing.

60mins $125

Clarifying Facial Massage

Essential cleansing, exfoliations, mask and follow by a wonderful relaxing facial massage to bring upon a natural glow from within. This also works for people with TMJ, Jaw clenching and tension headaches as we also include energy healing to the specific areas that need special attention. Include neck and shoulder/arm and scalp massage. No extraction.

60mins $80

Add on with massage 30mins $50

Grounding Foot Scrub and Foot Reflexology

A good way to relax those tired feet. Foot scrub and Lomi Lomi stick for some deep foot work, follow by foot reflexology. This is excellent for those who stand on their feet a lot and wonderful addition to a body massage. The feet will thank you! Happy Sole!

60mins $70

Add on with massage 30mins $50

Healing Heated Stones

Add Heated stones to any of your massage session for a deeper relaxation $20


All our classes are in a comfortable size so that we are able to provide our members personal attention for them to develop and succeed!

Mindful Meditation

We are here to help people to learn quick and easy way to meditate and actually enjoy doing it.
Email: for more details.

Baby Massage Class & Toddler Massage class

We love to help new parents connect with their little ones and at the same time, connect with other parents and form a supportive network.
Email: for more details.

Fashion & Beauty Workshops

Look out for our Spring Fashion workshop as well as Beauty & Wellness workshop.
Email: for more details.

Wellness Plan Packages are available

Commit to your health, body and mind and have a healthy happy abundant life!

Receiving regular massage is a great way to improve your overall mental, physical and emotional health.

Creating this healthy habit requires consistency and commitment. The best way is to make this healthy habit a regular commitment to part of your selfcare plan.

60mins AromaTherapeutic Massage Package

4 sessions / 60mins = $ 320 ( $80 per session )

10 sessions / 60mins = $ 750 ( $75 per session )

15 sessions / 60mins = $1050 ( $70 per session )

90mins AromaTherapeutic Massage Package

4 sessions / 90mins = $460 ( $115 per session )

10 sessions / 90mins = $950 ( $95 per session )

15 sessions / 90mins = $1350 ( $90 per session )

First-time clients receive a $20 off their first *massage session.

Share the Love program when you refer your friend to us, you both receive a $20 off your *massage session.