Therapeutic MASSAGE

Do you get tension headaches or migraines?

Experiencing pain from your lower back, around the shoulders, even the neck or the feet?

Do your hands sometimes feel weak?

Are you tense after your workout, and your muscles feel sore and tired?

Do you feel you don’t have enough energy?  Do you feel stress? Or anxious?

Book yourself a Therapeutic Massage. This is a great way to relieve the pain, tension and stress you have been carrying in your body. Massage therapy helps with chronic pain, sport injury as well as over use.

Experience a special and individualized quality Therapeutic massage, a style unique to Shambhala Therapeutic Massage and Wellness, developed through years of experience, incorporating different massage modalities, Western and Eastern techniques, Intuitive healing energy bodywork and personalized aromatherapy, that will make your body feel rejuvenated and alive again!


Do you wonder why your back or shoulder is always in pain, or they are so knotted up? Like you are carrying the burden of the world on your shoulders.

Have you woken up with a stiff neck and don’t know how you get that? Such a pain in the neck!

Have cold hands and feet?

Experience indigestion or constipation?

What is your body telling you?

Would you like to understand the emotions / stories behind your body pain? Are you tired of waking up feeling not 100%?

Are you settling for less?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to enjoy freedom of life?

Do you want to make manifest a healthy happy abundant life?

INSIGHTS Massage dives into the ROOT cause of the pain body, release what no longer serves you in your unconscious/conscious mind. It is our intention to get to the real reason of the imbalance and clear it by connecting to your Higher Self and Spirit Guides to release what needs to release.

The INSIGHTS are valuable messages intuitively received during the massage. They are for you and are to bring awareness to your pain body, your thoughts, your health, and your life.


When you schedule an INSIGHTs discussion with Jacqueline. She will explain to you in a joyful and easy manner, in her sense of style and sense of humor to help you bring awareness and understanding, the messages and insights received through the massage about your thought, your health, body and life that can help you get to the real reason of your current state of being, reduce and remove the mental and emotional stress, improve your life and bring harmony and balance physically, mentally and emotionally.

The INSIGHTs COACHING is for those ready and willing to transform their way of habitual thinking, elevate their lives to the higher levels, living authentically, consciously and mindfully.

Each Insights Coaching session gives you valuable information, that will assist you to release what no longer serves you, heal from emotional wounds/trauma, know your superpower, understand soul’s journey and purpose, with awareness of the new energy and tools, you shift and transform your life.

It will provide understanding of your unconscious/conscious fears, what is blocking you from your success, help you understand Universal Laws, how it works, make manifest your heart’s desires, and live 100% fully and abundantly!


Ready to take yourself to the next higher level of your game of life?

What you put on / wear is key to your success to what you desire/ what you want.

This, is the game change.  How far you want to go, is in your hands. Every details count.

You have question on what to wear to impress your board of directors, or you want to wear your success outfit for the negotiation. New job interview, new promotion, meet your new date, find your ideal partner, you want to shine in a gala dinner, be the star at a party, or your wedding. Or why can’t you get that managerial position, you have been wearing that look for awhile.  Or…

You dislike shopping. Or you don’t know what look good on you, so you shop “ safe “.

Jacqueline has years of experience as a fashion designer, merchandiser and buyer, she understands good quality fabric, style and cut easily and quickly. She can work with your clothing budget. She is able to help you pick out what suits you, your body, your mind and elevate that energy through the clothes you wear.

The most important thing is YOU are willing to accept changes. What you wear ‘normally’ may not be serving you at that moment or what you want to make manifest.

Bottom line, everyone put on clothes, however when you combine your NEW energy within through massages and Insights with what you intentionally choose to wear, you Radiates and the New you shine inside and out!

Jacqueline helps you connects the dots, bring energy alignment of your physical body, your conscious/sub conscious mind to your Divine Loving higher self and make manifest your heart’s desire.

AromaTherapeutic Massage

Experience quality massage using different massage modalities and techniques, integrated into a personalized massage style for a completely relaxing and unique experience.
This is a great way to relieve pain, tension and stress of the body even for those with chronic conditions or have a very active lifestyle including demanding physical work. We combine deep, firm pressure to light pressure based on the individual needs and specific areas of the body. Your body will feel rejuvenated and alive again!

We used Therapeutic grade Pure Essentials oils during the massage to further enhance relaxation and healing.

Massage is more than a luxury… It is a necessity, especially in our modern stressful environment and it is good natural medicine.
According to the American Massage Therapy Association ( AMTA ) Consumer Survey, 72% of individuals surveyed claim their primary reason for receiving a massage in the previous 12 months was medical (43%) or stress (29%).
The benefits from massage therapy include but are not limited to:
-stress relief
-management of back, neck pain and chronic pain
-reduction of anxiety, headaches and muscle tension
-enhance exercise performance
-improve sleep
-promote relaxation
-balance mood swings
-lower blood pressure
-increase range of motion
-improve quality of life in hospice care
-reduce pain in osteoarthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis elbow, Golfer’s elbow, rheumatoid arthritis
-ease symptoms of depression
-relieve postoperative pain

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a treatment technique for stress reduction, relaxation, promotes healing, feeling of peacefulness, calmness and clarity.

It helps to restore our energy flow to the optimum balance on all levels, enabling the physical body to heal itself by clearing blocks and barriers stored within the body’s energy system.