AromaTherapeutic Massage

Experience quality massage using different massage modalities and techniques, integrated into a personalized massage style for a completely relaxing and unique experience.
This is a great way to relieve pain, tension and stress of the body even for those with chronic conditions or have a very active lifestyle including demanding physical work. We combine deep, firm pressure to light pressure based on the individual needs and specific areas of the body. Your body will feel rejuvenated and alive again!

Our restorative massage style helps to relieve muscles tension, even those deep-held patterns of tension, speed recovery whether from an injury or after a workout, improve flexibility, maintain optimal performance, rejuvenate the body and mind and induce powerful relaxation.

30mins $50

60mins $85

75mins  $105

90mins $125

2hr         $165

Need more time, 30mins increment $40

We used Therapeutic grade Pure Essentials oils during the massage to further enhance relaxation and healing.


Reiki is a form of alternative medicine, a healing technique targeting the energy fields around the body. It is the act of activating and directing universal life energy to promote total relaxation, stress release, reduce pain, and speed healing.

Combine Reiki in your massage therapy, will help to reduce and remove the mental and emotional stress, improve your life and bring harmony and balance physically, mentally and emotionally.  Consistently getting regular massages help the body to relax more and more. The body heals itself naturally when it is at optimum relaxation. And when we are relax, the mind begins to have more clarity, and allowing actions to take place.

60mins  $125

75mins   $145

90mins  $165

2hr          $205

Reiki promote energy balancing and healing. It is a perfect modality to include with your massage therapy for complete relaxation, stress release, balancing and harmonizing your energies through the whole physical – mental – emotional – spiritual dynamic.

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Enlightening Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a treatment technique for stress reduction, relaxation, promotes healing, feeling of peacefulness, calmness and clarity.

It helps to restore our energy flow to the optimum balance on all levels, enabling the physical body to heal itself by clearing blocks and barriers stored within the body’s energy system

REIKI ENERGY healing raises your energy levels/vibrations, rid of negative energies, feel peaceful and gain clarity. Within the session, we have a consultation and then followed by table time of energy healing.

60mins $125


Spiritual Healing Wellness Massage

90mins   $199 

2hr          $249  

This is an unique method careful crafted by Jacqueline to help people with clearing energy, releasing pain, de-construct self limiting thoughts and habits.

Your body is a map and it tells a story. It carries and stores every experiences you have had.

Repressed emotions are trapped within our bodies, our muscles are holding on to, and we are completely oblivious to them.

Your body knows the truth, no matter how you justify, suppress, ignore how you feel.

This wellness therapy help you get to the root of your pain, release resistance and offer tools to unlock your self limiting thoughts and habits so that you live a healthy happy fulfilling life.

It is a very personalized therapy tailor-made to your needs. This truly remarkable treatment is helpful for those who are wanting to transform their lives, stressed and overwhelmed, needing clarity, wanting change, wanting to understand body-mind connection, wanting a different attitudes towards things/life views.

Therapy includes:

Consultation / Massage / Energy Healing / Intuitive Insights Reading ( depending on time, it can be during or after table time ) , Life Coaching & Tools.

Important note :

Allow yourself plenty of time to arrive for your session.

Drink plenty of water before and after.

Sometimes the session may run over time, give yourself an extra 20-30 minutes in between your appointments.


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Benefits include improve circulation, alleviates adhesions ( the ability to lift the tissue, using negative pressure, and separate tissue while simultaneously offering hydration to the tissue. ), helps clear congestion, stagnation from skin, muscles, bones, joints and even energies.

Add onto your session from $10


Reinvent your massage experience in minimum time to help relieve muscle soreness and stiffness, improves range of motion, promotes circulation and accelerates warmup and recovery.

Add onto your session from $10

Healing Heated Stones

Add Heated stones to any of your massage session for a deeper relaxation $20

Clarifying Facial Massage

Essential cleansing, exfoliations, mask and follow by a wonderful relaxing facial massage to bring upon a natural glow from within. This also works for people with TMJ, Jaw clenching and tension headaches as we also include energy healing to the specific areas that need special attention. Include neck and shoulder/arm and scalp massage. No extraction.

60mins $80

Add on with massage 30mins $50

Grounding Foot Scrub and Foot Reflexology

A good way to relax those tired feet. Foot scrub and Lomi Lomi stick for some deep foot work, follow by foot reflexology. This is excellent for those who stand on their feet a lot and wonderful addition to a body massage. The feet will thank you! Happy Sole!

60mins $70

Add on with massage 30mins $50



Meditation is a practice, to train our attention, awareness , to achieve mental clarity, emotional state of calmness and to raise our vibrational frequency.

In our Meditation class, Jacqueline shares her tips on how to meditate and actually looking forward to meditation each day.

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All our classes are in a comfortable size so that we are able to provide our members personal attention for them to develop and succeed!

JOYFUL & INSIGHTFUL Meditation class

We are here to help people find different ways to meditate, how to stay in meditation when our minds start to wonder, and how to create an enjoyable daily lifestyle practice.
We offer:

  • group class
  • private class  ( create a meditation party, invite your friends and make up a group, or corporate group )
  • couple and private one on one sessions.

Please contact Jacqueline at 757 395 0400 or email to book your sessions.


Yoga for everyone, in a small comfortable environment.  Our goal is to help those who enjoy yoga and love to practice in a more personalized class style.

For Meditation and Yoga schedule –

MINI – Retreats

Our wellness retreats help improve specific areas of your well-being through targeted therapies, healthy eating options and fitness activities.

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Baby Massage Class & Toddler Massage class

We love to help new parents connect with their little ones and at the same time, connect with other parents and form a supportive network.

We offer private and group sessions.
Email: for more details.

Wellness Plan Packages are available

Commit to your health, body and mind and have a healthy happy abundant life!

Receiving regular massage is a great way to improve your overall mental, physical and emotional health.

Creating this healthy habit requires consistency and commitment. The best way is to make this healthy habit a regular commitment to part of your selfcare plan.