AromaTherapeutic Massage

Experience quality massage using different massage modalities and techniques, integrated into a personalized massage style for a completely relaxing and unique experience.
This is a great way to relieve pain, tension and stress of the body even for those with chronic conditions or have a very active lifestyle including demanding physical work. We combine deep, firm pressure to light pressure based on the individual needs and specific areas of the body. Your body will feel rejuvenated and alive again!

We used Therapeutic grade Pure Essentials oils during the massage to further enhance relaxation and healing.


When you schedule INSIGHT and MASSAGE with Jacqueline. She will help you bring understanding to the root cause of the stress,  she will work with you on how to reduce and remove the mental and emotional stress, improve your life and bring harmony and balance physically, mentally and emotionally.  Consistently getting regular massages help the body to relax more and more. The body heals itself naturally when it is at optimum relaxation. And when we are relax, the mind begins to have clarity.

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a treatment technique for stress reduction, relaxation, promotes healing, feeling of peacefulness, calmness and clarity.

It helps to restore our energy flow to the optimum balance on all levels, enabling the physical body to heal itself by clearing blocks and barriers stored within the body’s energy system.

INNER BEAUTY & Guasa Massage

Inner Beauty & Guasa massage works on cleansing Auras and Chakras on physical, emotional, mental, spiritual levels. The Guasa tool is used as a gentle light scrapping on the skin to further remove residual blocked energy on the body. After cleansing, we bring healing grace light within each chakra.

Aura Detox Therapy 

This therapy helps remove years of accumulated toxins in your aura from past emotional, mental and physical health experiences. A special life force energy called “Inner Cell Activation”.


There are 72,000 nadi or channels that link the bodies’ trillions of cells; each with a specific function and energy that it deals with. There are 108 varmints or meridian points where energy is focused. Disruption of energy flow leads to illness within your dosha ( Air, Fire, Water ).

Access Bars 

Access bars is an energetic modality that easily releases stuck energy by touching energy points on the head. This tool helps release stressful mind chatter. You will notice you have more joy, peace, calm, creativity and happiness.

Jothi Blessings

Working with the divine grace light of Jothi. Jothi ignites the light with the soul. Jothi penetrates the molecular structure of the cells of the body and transform the metabolic process of the DNA. The cell is replaced with a perfectly healthy new cell & new programming on a continuous basis. You will notice Jothi directly aides to the healing of mood swings, migraine headaches, depression, alcohol addiction and more.  6 sessions are recommended to continue with self healing.



Allow Jacqueline to shop with you and she will show you what works best for you. She will share with you fashion tips, fabric quality, style and make you feel confident and like a millionaire!

Jacqueline has years of experience as a fashion designer, merchandiser and buyer, she understands good quality fabric, style and cut easily and quickly. She is able to help you pick out what suits you, your body, your mind and elevate that energy through the clothes you wear.

Ready to take yourself to the next higher level of your game of life?

What you put on / wear is key to your success to what you desire/ what you want.

Combine your NEW energy within through massages and Insights with what you intentionally choose to wear, you Radiates and the New you shine inside and out!

Jacqueline helps you connects the dots, bring energy alignment of your physical body, your conscious/sub conscious mind to your Divine Loving higher self and make manifest your heart’s desire.