Release ReAlign Results
Transform your Body/Mind from stressed to peace
Unlock and reAlign so you can be your most authentic self.

PASSION We care for our clients, we listen to our clients, what their needs are and we focus on getting them to their desired goals.

Combining Intuitive Energy Harmonizing Methods with Advanced Massage Techniques, our SIGNATURE Style is UNIQUE and EFFECTIVE.

Understanding Your Body is Health. Health is Wealth. QUALITY Massage gives you the results. It is a good investment in your good health.


Welcome to Shambhala Wellth and Tranquility Center (SWTC)!

SWTC is a holistic healing wellness center that empowers you to connect, restore, re-educate and re-align with your body, mind and soul.

We focus on alleviating pain, calming the parasympathetic nervous system (de-stress), clearing energy blocks and releasing negative energies from the body so that you can leap towards your desired goals successfully and continue to do what you love!

The seamless integration of Intuitive Energy Harmonizing Methods + Advanced Massage Therapies + Alternative medicine create an Effective and Elevating Transformational Experience.

Techniques used : cupping therapy, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, neuromuscular therapy, myoskeletal alignment techniques, myofascial release, swedish & deep tissue massage therapy, Reiki energy healing and personalized blend of essential oils.

Conditions : Headaches and migraines, TMJ, Neck pain, difficulty in turning head, shoulder pain/stiffness, tingling & numbness in hands and fingers, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow/Golfer’s Elbow, tendonitis, lower back/hip pain/stiffness, Scoliosis pain, sciatica, sciatic pain, knee pain, ankle stiffness, plantar fasciitis.

We invite you to book a one-of-a-kind healing experience for your extraordinary growth journey.

Our methods are CREATIVE and ORIGINAL. Each session is personalized based on client’s individual needs and based on client’s conditions.

Energy work releases blocks and negative energies from your body. Harmonizing your energetic blueprint so you feel more at peace.  With PEACE in the heart and mind, creates a pathway that brings SUCCESS to your desired goals.