A multi-sensory healing experience to help you release resistance in your body, and move you forward from feeling stuck to towards your desired goals.

As one of our clients, we care for your well being. Each session includes a one-on-one chat/update, understanding your needs and learn about your history.

We set goals and our therapists will create a treatment plan for you. 

You will receive an expert therapeutic bodywork, intuitive healing to release pain and tension, increase your movement, improve balance and alignment.

For those seeking personal growth transformation, you will receive a private intuitive reading and clarity guidance in the session. 

Each client has a unique story, and our treatment plans are entirely customized tailored to your needs at that moment. 

You will leave with much-needed peace and clarity, your body and mind renewed, recharged and rejuvenated

“Letting go of the baggage we carry with us, whether emotional, physical or mental, is absolutely necessary so we can move forward with our own lives”-  Dave Hedges