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SOUL ALIGNMENT ENERGY THERAPY, insights about your physical & emotional health & mental clarity

60mins  session        Single      $195

90mins  session        Single      $290

120mins session       Single      $390

First time client, please book a 90-minute session. 30 mins of conversations and follow by table time of 60mins of energy healing.

Please give yourself extra time when booking the session.  Sometimes, we may run over time. Avoid booking something right after the session to allow yourself time to process the information.

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60mins  session        $150

90mins  session        $225

120mins session available at the same hourly rate

Session include Customized blend of Quality Grade Essential Oils, Ointments, Energy healing bodywork, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) &/or Cupping Therapy, hot stones.

When necessary, hydrocollator packs are used to alleviate joint pain, arthritis, congestion etc.


Conscious Coupling Coaching for couples. We help them move forward with their soul growth, development and alignment, uncover blocks and self sabotages that are hindering their successes in achieving their goals and desires, reaching their highest potential, or help with releasing habits that no longer serve, and how to integrate their lives together, release their fears, past emotional baggages and organically blend their lives together.



PAST LIFE REGRESSION – Recover, Explore, Uncover, Discover the root cause of an issue which is affecting your life now.

Soul-Contact Experience

90mins          $300


Share the Love program. I LOVE referrals.

Thank you for referring your friends to me.  

When you refer your friends, you both receive a $20 off your *massage session.


All Prices are subject to change without prior notice.