I began seeing Jackie during a challenging time in my life, and I can honestly say that my first visit with her was the beginning of a new chapter in my life.  That first initial therapeutic massage followed by a reiki session the following week was like a reset and pivot for my energy and outlook.  Fast-forwarding nearly five years, my visits with Jackie continue to be pivotal in my overall well-being.  Jackie’s gifts and approach allow for an experience like no other, and the benefits are lasting long after the massage is complete.  I have been able to shift my internal dialogue, manifest relationship desires, and create a life that I want to live.

I trust the people I love the most in her care and recommend anyone looking to level up or manoeuvre a challenging time to see Jackie.

Elyse Rippe

I met Jacqueline in a tumultuous time in my life.  I had been using conventional counselling/therapy for more than a year and felt stuck and needed more to help me move forward in my life.  I discovered her studio in a way that I’m sure was not by chance.  I spoke with her by phone and was comforted by her voice and demeanor, one that I had not experienced before.

She went out of her way to accommodate my schedule to meet with me.  We spoke for a while so she could learn about me and what I am seeking.

The Shambhala Wellth and Tranquility Center is a warm and welcoming Oasis that immediately brings a smile to your face with Jacqueline’s inspired decor.

Jacqueline’s smile and bright presence is very unique; you immediately feel her positive energy.  I sensed her intelligence and that a high grace had descended on her.  We spoke for some time so she could get to know me and my needs.  She also told me about herself and her journey and to the present.

I have had lower back and neck issues that were the result of a bad car accident from my younger days.  After speaking with her, she told me she was going to help me get back to myself, a new, better self.  We started with massage therapy to address my musculoskeletal issues and open my mind and thoughts.  We then moved through her Regression Hypnotherapy, Intuitive Coaching and Reiki Energy Healing Processes.  Jacqueline’s energy is real and stays with you long after you leave her studio.  I have spoken with others that worked with her, and we all say the same thing, Moving and Life-Changing!

Throughout my sessions with Jacqueline, she gave me tools and coaching to help me change/shift my thought processes and my life.  Her therapy and positive energy didn’t stop at the door when you leave.  She would reach out to me with positive, uplifting messages to keep me on a positive growth path.  This woman is a Virginia Beach best-kept secret.  She has a gift like no other.  I keep telling her she needs to be on TV with people that have worked with her to explain and promote her gift.

I highly recommend you book your extraordinary healing experience with Jacqueline for whatever kind of therapy you need, internal, external. Mind, Body and soul.


Vince Scuderi

How fortunate was I to have found Jacqueline.  As soon as I stepped into her center, I knew I was about to experience something quite special.  Her healing and nurturing talents are truly extraordinary!

Marianne H.